Start-up Idea Competition – 2021

Biopharma Incubation Center (BIC) – a Technology Business Incubator promoted by the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER) – Ahmedabad and supported by Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC), DBT, Govt. of India had launched Startup Idea Competition – 2021 to invite Innovative Ideas from the Students, Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Startups & Professional to convert their ideas into business.

Idea Competition-2021 invited Innovative Ideas from the Students, Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Startups & Professional to convert their ideas into business. Best Ideas was awarded by Certificate of Appreciation with Incubation cum handholding support..BIC-NIPER-A

BIC attempted to support Technology-based projects – Technologies or a ‘Minimal Viable Prototype’ in the area of Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, and Biotechnology, but more importantly, tried to inculcate a mindset of having clarity on ideas they are working out and undertaking commercial/societal impactful research.

To sensitize the students, researchers and faculties of NIPER-Ahmedabad, a session was arranged on 06th August, 2021 at Auditorium. Mr. Javid Shaikh, CEO, Biopharma Incubation Center had shared different aspects and guidelines of competition with participants. Prof. Kiran Kalia, Director – NIPER-Ahmedabad has sensitized participants to take benefit of this competition and Biopharma Incubation Center.

A total of 115 applications (removing duplicates) till the deadline i.e., 16th August, 2021 (23:59 Hrs). The first level of scrutiny was done by the internal team based on innovativeness, feasibility, commercialization potential, etc., and learned that number of applications is too high. Before initiating the selection process, the team has proposed to divide the whole competition into two main parts, comprising:

  • Applications from NIPER-Ahmedabad – Students & Faculties – 25 Applications
  • Applications from outside of NIPER-Ahmedabad – 90 Applications
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