National Life Science Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme

The National Life Science Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme at NIPER-Ahmedabad was organized with BIRAC Regional Entrepreneurship Center (BREC) at Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms (C-CAMP), Bangalore to sensitize students of NIPER-Ahmedabad regarding Life Science Entrepreneurship.

The focus of this Life Science Awareness Programme is to encourage students to view entrepreneurship as a positive career option. The event elucidated on the biotechnology ecosystem with relevance to start-ups. Besides talks and interactive sessions in colleges and institutes of higher learning, sessions draw on first-hand experiences of industry experts and successful entrepreneurs.

The program was hosted on Zoom online platform. The program was joined by more than 100 participants.<br>The Participants ranged from Students, Researchers, Entrepreneurs, Faculty Members, etc.

Mr. Javid Shaikh, CEO of Biopharma Incubation Center at NIPER-Ahmedabad & Dr. Bhavisha Wala Entrepreneurship Development Manager at C-CAMP has formally welcomed the participants and started the program.

The first session was taken by Ms. Shilpa Malik, Founder & CTO at Bioscan Research, Ahmedabad. Shilpa has shared her entrepreneurial journey and how Gujarat’s Start-up Ecosystem helped her to convert ideas into prototypes. She also mentioned that entrepreneurship in life sciences is high risk with a high reward business. She very well answers the queries of participants in terms of early fear of students becoming an entrepreneur.

The second session was taken by Mr. Shivkumar, Partner, K & S Partners. He has shared the basics of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and relevant examples of Life Sciences. Shivkumar started the session by describing various aspects of IPR and requested participants to ask questions meanwhile. Participants have learned various points raised by Shivkumar and asked many questions in between the session.

The third session was taken by Dr. Bhavisha Wala, Entrepreneurship Development Manager at C-CAMP, Bangalore. Dr. Bhavisha discussed the various elements of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and how they all work together in making a successful entrepreneurial career. He also exposed the audience to the various programs and opportunities that are currently available to nurture and develop one’s entrepreneurial skills and ideas. She also shared information about the Biotechnology Ignition Grant (BIG) of BIRAC and critical pointers for the application of BIG to the participants.

Through this program, the participants gained a greater awareness and understanding of what it is to be an entrepreneur and gained access to the various platforms that would help them face the Entrepreneurial world.

The program was ended with thanks to everyone.

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